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Defender Deck


Enamel spray paints and Posca paint markers on a quality 7-ply skate deck. Sealed with polyurethane varnish for protection and durability.

This custom deck art was created as part of a group skateboard exhibition in December of 2016.

It is inspired by magic, history, and connection to earth. There is a subtle symbolism of duality and balance (or yin and yang) between the two ends of the board, represented in the seemingly mirrored design by the change in colour of the stars from white to black (lightness and darkness), and the direction that the two pentagrams are facing (upright and inverted).

The runes depicted were chosen for their meanings in regards to both skating as a culture, and life in general. Their meanings are as follows:

ᚹ(Wunjo) - Joy, wellbeing, and friendship
ᛞ(Dagaz) - Balance and growth
ᛉ(Algiz) - Protection and healing
ᚢ(Uruz) - Strength, independence, and untamed potential

This high quality skateable deck can be hung for display using the strong, clear fishing line already attached. Alternatively, you may wish to assemble it with your choice of trucks, wheels, and grip tape for a truly unique skateboard. It has a twin-tip popsicle shape, standard for street and park skating.

The artist’s symbol signature has been incorporated into the design of the pentagrams at both ends of the board. Signed and dated on the reverse side.

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